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Speculating Minecraft Update 1.20

by Kyle Einheuser 31 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Minecraft Update 1.20 is one of the biggest updates in the Minecraft world. Minecraft is loved and every year a convention called Minecon takes place. During this event fans of Minecraft meet each other. The developers always release big new information about the future and direction of this 8-bit-like classic. Minecon is less than a day away and the anticipation is leading up to the reveal of Minecraft’s 1.20 update.

Mojang hasn’t released nearly any information about what this update could include, but people can speculate. So that’s exactly what I thought I’d do today! Let’s go over what the new Minecraft 1.20 update could include.

Each Minecraft update typically follows a theme, update 1.19, “The Wild Update”, focused and changed the swamp biome. With still so many outdated biomes in Minecraft, Mojang is likely to address one of them in 1.20. Let's look at what biomes could be in store for a massive change.

Minecraft Update 1.20: Biomes

  • The Desert Biome -  A new tree with the addition of Meerkats could be introduced. As well as a possible sub-biome or even full biome of what could resemble an Oasis
Possible addition of Meerkats and a new tree could be on its way to the Desert Biome come 1.20
  • The Savannah Biome - New Baobab tree, Termites and an Ostrich could be in store for us
Big changes could be on the way for the Savannah Biome
  • The Badlands Biome - Vultures, Prickly Pear Cactus and Tumbleweeds maybe a possibility come update 1.20. However, the Badlands is the least likely biome out of the three to receive this update
Possible Vultures and a new Cactus could be coming to Minecraft

Minecraft Update 1.20: Bundle

The last big item that we can speculate is the Bundle. The Bundle would work very similar to a Shulker box. It is an item that you can hold in your inventory that will allow you to hold an additional 64 slots, although it’s a bit more complicated. It holds what is considered “Bundle slots”.

  • An item that stacks up to 64 will take up 1 bundle slot
  • An item that stacks to 16 such as eggs will take up 4 bundle slots
  • Items that don’t stack such as armor and weapons will take up 64 slots, which is the entire bundle

The Bundle could be an extremely useful in inventory management

Mob Contest

Finally, an item that will surely be added will be whatever wins this year’s “Mob Contest”. The mob contest is a tradition that takes place every Minecon where fans can vote between three mobs. The winner of the contest is typically added to the game during the next big update, this being the Minecraft update 1.20. The mobs you can vote for include the Sniffer, the Rascal, and the Tuff Golem. If you want to help decide what mob will come next to Minecraft, make sure you vote October 14. 

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Day! Visit us at Penroze for all your Minecraft server hosting needs.

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